February 6, 2015

Parents Club

Four years at the Academy will be both exciting and difficult. The Oregon/SW Washington Parents Club was formed to help you and your Cadet throughout these years. The purpose of the Parents’ Association of Oregon/SW Washington is to provide education, support and encouragement for cadets and their families. We also work to educate prospective cadets and their families about life at the Air Force Academy and beyond. This is accomplished by sharing factual information from the Academy and Liaison Officers and sharing our own experiences as the parents of cadets. It is comforting to new parents to know that most everyone had similar questions, doubts, and confusion.

We all have friends and family who try to be supportive and offer encouragement, but few who truly understand what military academies are and how they differ from other colleges or the particular demands of academy life and the adjustments they present.

We want to help you prepare for what you are now a part of and all that you will eventually encounter, as each year at the academy brings different challenges and opportunities. We strive to answer all questions and clarify any issues concerning the Academy experience while building friendships and networking opportunities with other Oregon and SW Washington families.

Some of the Club activities and benefits include:
• An annual Appointee Luncheon • New Parents Information Meeting and Goodie Packing • Doolie Day Out Picnic • USAFA Parents Weekend (Club Pizza Party, Football Tickets) • Newsletters and Website with a wealth of information • Goodie boxes to cadets at least four times a year • Semi-annual All Services Academy Holiday Ball • Graduation Gifts for seniors

Most importantly, Parents Club members are available to encourage and assist cadets and their parents during difficult periods or to share in the joy of the good times. The strength of the Club is solely dependent upon the strength of its MEMBERSHIP; the more members–the stronger the club.
Consider joining. You won’t be disappointed.